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एक दिलचस्प बहस बिहार में शिक्षा कि दशा पर

“पत्रकारों से निवेदन है, अपने इलाके के कालेजों विश्वविद्यालयों में शिक्षकों की कमी पर एक सर्वे आज शिक्षक दिवस के मौके पर करें. शिक्षा मंत्री और कुलाधिपति से पूछें कि जहाँ शिक्षक ही नही वहां पढ़ाई कैसे होगी? छात्रों और उनके संगठनों से पूछें, शिक्षकों की कमी पर आंदोलित क्यों नही हुए? उनके माँ बाप से पूछें, बच्चे की पढ़ाई सुनिश्चित क्यों नही की? बस नाम लिखा कर आप वैतरणी पार हो गए? नीतीश से पूछें, शिक्षा और ज्ञान से लाखों बच्चों को वंचित करने लिये आप को कुम्भीपाक में कितने लाख साल खौलते तेल में पकाया जाना चाहिए?”

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The Case for Shaikha Salwa: What Papa Hemingway Would Have Said ?

“A section of the Indian social media remained divided almost for a week (16-21 August ) into pro- and anti-Islamic camps over the alleged report (Financial Times, 14.8.16) of a Qatari Princes, Ms Shaikha Salwa, having group sex with three men in her London apartment room, while three others were waiting for their turn.”
– a compelling write by Prof Chandrakant Singh

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Hardik Patel Is Failure Of The Indian System

Time may change but conditions won’t necessarily change until there’re efforts to bring about the change. When reservation was coined after independence, the socio-economic conditions of every caste was not what it is today.   The categorisation between “forward castes” and “backward castes” had some reasons. Forwards were termed forwards because they were forwards; economically and […]

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Sabotage and Incompetence

Violence in Haryana was unlike any other we have witnessed so far. Not because it was systematic, coordinated, targeted but because there are worrying signs that it could be guided by trained covert warfare experts. Rohtak and Jhajjar, these towns bore the brunt of the arsonists. In all the places the routine was exactly same […]