Indian Navy commandos fire flares during naval operations
demonstrations to mark Indian Navy Week in Bombay December 2, 2001. The
Indian Navy showcased its firepower to celebrate Navy Week which
commemorates India's decisive attack on Karachi harbour during the
India-Pakistan war in 1971. REUTERS/Arko Datta

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While India’s navy is certainly attracting lots of attention in the press, it faces a major challenge that might not be easily solvable.

Iskander Rehman November 4, 2014 The United States’ strategic reorientation towards the Indo-Pacific has been accompanied by a heightened interest in matters maritime. In contrast to the primary theaters of the Cold War, the region’s strategic and economic geography is strongly defined by its wide oceans, narrow choke points and contested waterways. As a result, […]

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Battle for Bihar: Nitish Kumar’s Twitter Press Conference

 New Delhi, August 6: In the new breathtaking developments in the political battle for Bihar, the state chief minister Nitish Kumar had a question answer session last evening with the a number of journos on the micro blogging website Twitter. The ‘twitter press conference’ took place after his open letter to prime minister Narendra Modi […]