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Decentalisation of Constitutional Powers ~ Bibek Debroy

(Lecture) People throughout the world elect government at the first place because they expect those governments to deliver certain public goods and services. Here, public goods and services is in fairly broad sense. Each and everyone has his and her own priority. But somewhere down the line, after we have mentioned defense, security, foreign affairs and […]

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My Family’s Affair With Car

 My family’s affair with the car is like a saga, dating back to the British Raj. The elderly people in my village ~ Maintanad, a remote village in Gandhi’s Champaran ~ still talk about it as if any of the folk tale. “Your granny came in a ‘Car’ after her marriage.” This statement matters because […]

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Is Mumbai Police Taking The Media For A Ride?

(Yournews Network) Let’s start from the initial step. How did Mumbai Police get to know of it ? Initially they said the driver was drinking at a night bar and boastfully let it out, a police mukhbir (accomplice) overheard it. He reported it and an alert Mumbai Police officer started the chase. Placed driver on […]

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Hardik Patel Is Failure Of The Indian System

Time may change but conditions won’t necessarily change until there’re efforts to bring about the change. When reservation was coined after independence, the socio-economic conditions of every caste was not what it is today.   The categorisation between “forward castes” and “backward castes” had some reasons. Forwards were termed forwards because they were forwards; economically and […]