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CJI Did Not Say There Is No Intolerance In Society, Media Did

December 6, 2015: The newly appointed Chief Justice of India, Tirath Singh Thakur, had called the Supreme Court accredited journalists for an informal interactive session, so that the better communication can result into a better flow of information to the common masses. But the very incident itself saw a negative and irresponsible face of reporting. […]

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Sabotage and Incompetence

Violence in Haryana was unlike any other we have witnessed so far. Not because it was systematic, coordinated, targeted but because there are worrying signs that it could be guided by trained covert warfare experts. Rohtak and Jhajjar, these towns bore the brunt of the arsonists. In all the places the routine was exactly same […]

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If Supreme Court judgement on Arunachal was just another matter of judicial overreach or attempt to micro manage executive tasks, we could have ignored. But there is is now a new pattern – of dangerous judicial adventurism. Earlier in Uttarakhand case a high court judge (and brother of that SC judge who wrote to the […]

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Deconstruct Code

BJP has its own deconstruct code embedded in its FM. Or is Amit Shah not getting the kind of feedback he needs? All that Siddhu wanted was a role in Punjab assembly election. AJ, who lost Siddhu’s hard earned BJP seat of Amritsar is apparently taking a call on Siddhu. This is as absurd as […]